Name: Gobliiins (1991)
License: Abandonware
Author: Coktel Vision
Category: Adventure

Description: The games mix elements of adventure and puzzle gaming. In essence, the player must find the solution to each area (or level), consisting of one or more screens, in order to progress to the next.

An original aspect of the series is that the player usually controls multiple goblins as player characters, each of whom has a unique set of abilities. In the title, the amount of letters 'i' in the word 'Goblin' indicates the number of characters that the player may control: 'Gobliiins' for the first release (1992), 'Gobliins 2' for the second (1992), 'Goblins Quest 3' for the third (1993) and 'Gobliiins 4' for the fourth (2009). The player may only control one character at a time but, depending on the specific scene, may switch characters at will. The original Gobliiins features a shared health system for all three characters, which meant that leaving characters in the wrong place could be detrimental, though this feature is not implemented in the sequels.

Install command:
$> sudo pacman -S dosbox-gobliiins