Name: Tapper (1983)
License: Abandonware
Author: Bally Technologies Inc.
Category: Action

Description: This action-packed video game will put the player in the shoes of bartender as they are required to serve drinks to the patrons before they get impatient while collecting tips and bill. Apart from lots of hustle and bustle, the game also adds a funny element to it. Once the player clears a level by serving all the customers in the bar, a short vignette is presented where the bartender is shown serving himself a glass of liquor and tossing it up in the air causing to humorous results like shattering the glass or causing the glass of liquor falling over his head. A space bar with aliens, a punk rock bar with punk rockers, a sports bar with athletes, and a western bar with cowboys these are four settings. Doesn’t it sound oh-so-entertaining? Just imagine yourself as a bartender serving a drink to an alien, the thought itself gives goosebumps, putting you in that position through this game will no doubt be an alluring experience.

Install command:
$> sudo pacman -S dosbox-tapper